home Selling process

Most buyers like to see homes that show well, and are in “move-in ready condition.” The less a buyer feels they will have to do upon move-in, the more able they are to imagine themselves living there and more likely they will make a strong offer on the home.  Here is a list of where you can focus your energy when getting the home ready to hit the market. Of course, not all items apply to every seller or property.  And, if the property will be vacant while on the market, many of these items will not apply. Feel free to use this list as an outline, while keeping in mind your personal time, energy,  and money available to invest in this preparation.

Outside The Home:

❏    Spruce up the yard.  Cut the grass, trim bushes and weed the entire yard (focusing on the front).

❏    Remove yard clutter

❏    Organize / put away tools

❏    Apply fresh mulch to flower beds

❏    A fresh coat of paint or stain on wooden fences & decks goes a long way

❏    Paint the front door

❏    Consider painting the exterior of the house if it needs it (peeling paint, bare wood showing, or color is dated)

❏    Power wash the home’s exterior, driveway, walkway, patio

❏    Clear out gutters & downspouts & make sure they are functioning

❏    Buy a new welcome mat

❏    Colorful flowers in pots near the front door would be an added bonus

❏    Make sure all doors, handles and locks function with ease

❏    Clean windows inside & out

❏    Make sure the address numbers are visible and nice looking


Inside The Home:

❏    Make sure all lights have proper bulbs (the same bulbs in each room have greatest impact)

❏    Entryway should be clear of clutter. If you don’t have an entry closet, remove all coat racks, shoes, hats, gloves, etc, and put in garage or basement area

❏    Pre-pack about 30% of your personal items in the home (consider renting a storage unit or POD, if needed)

❏    Clean walls. Fully paint or touch-up walls, ceilings, and trim. Neutrals and whites are recommended

❏    Evaluate the furniture in the room and eliminate anything that interrupts “the flow” or makes rooms appear smaller. Large TV’s in small spaces can be challenging, for example

❏    Clean or refinish wood floors

❏    Clean carpets and have them stretched, if needed

❏    Pack away as many items that are sitting in closets as possible

❏    Clean fixtures and ceiling fans

❏    Remove personal photos or other items that might have a lot of “personality”

❏    Remove any emotionally provocative items such as flags, religious items, alcohol, guns, etc

❏    Repair plumbing or electrical issues

❏    Replace broken tiles and fix or replace grout

❏    Have as many items removed from counters as possible

❏    Clean and organize cabinets and drawers

❏    If your furniture shows the effect of raising kids or pets, think about removing your existing furniture and having the home vacant or staged

❏    Remove all “knick-knacks” under about 10 inches tall

❏    Put all trash away

❏    Buy a new shower curtain and white bath towels

❏    Caulk the bathtub and behind the kitchen sink, if needed

❏    A new bedspread & pillow cases can be nice touch (white is best)

❏    Kids toys should be 90% put away or pre-packed.

❏    Tidy basement and discard/donate items you plan to give away

❏    If basement is musty smelling, invest in a dehumidifier